“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” – John Rohn 

Are you ready to take your success to the next level? First things first, your customers must know what number to call. CISA recommends Select Graphics and Printing and SignexUSA both located in Garden Grove, CA.


To get your business cards issued by SignexUSA please email signexusa@aol.com. In the subject of the email please put it to the attention of TO NGO, in the body of the email please detail to Mr. Ngo that you are affiliated with C.I.S.A. and would like print business cards for yourself. Below is the contact information and address of SignexUSA, please contact the SignexUSA if you have any questions or concerns regarding your bussiness cards. 



1(714) 454-2783


Select Graphics & Printing


Yelp Business Page

*Note clicking on the link will take you another website, not affiliated with CISA.

Please have a photo of yourself available either on your phone or computer before you start ordering your business cards.

Once on the select graphics & printing website, you must create an account. To start your order click the ‘create an account’ link on the top left head side of the page.

When you have successfully created an account, on the left hand side click on the ‘business cards’ tab to start your order.

There should be a new window that pop ups with three options ‘upload your own file and order business cards’, ‘design online and order business cards’, and ‘just see prices’.

Click on the ‘upload your own file and order business cards’.

You will be prompted with various business cards options. We recommend choosing the ‘standard business cards’ option, as it is the most cost effective.

Once you have selected the option that is the best fit for you select the quantity, business card type, and pick up time desired.

For the printing option please select “front and back” and select the option “no for round corners”.

Please use the following design for your business card.

Design 1

Once you have chosen and downloaded your design please upload the design by clicking choose file in the ‘upload front of business card’ option.

Upload a photo of yourself by clicking the choose file below the ‘upload back of business card’ option.

Once you have both files uploaded you must have clear and concise directions for the changes that you want on your business card.

On the ‘additional instructions’ tab please follow the template below and add the instructions to the ‘additional instructions’ tab.

Also include any other changes or adjustments you would like to see on your business cards.

on the front

  1. Change name to “your name”
  2. Change Cell to “your cell phone number”
  3. Change the picture to the picture uploaded
  4. Change Lic # to “your licenses number”

On the back

  1. Remove “Life Insurance with Living Benefits”
  2. Remove Obamacare
  3. Remove ” Annuity – IRAs – 401K – Rollover”
  4. Change E-mail to “your email”

Once complete hit the ‘add to cart’ tab and you will be prompted to a different window.

Hit proceed to checkout and enter your payment information to complete your order.

If you have any technical difficulties or have any questions regarding your business card order please contact Select Graphics & Printing at (714) 537-5250.