Easy Choice/WellCare Licensing

WellCare (Easy Choice Health Plan):

Wellcare/Easy Choice

Step 1

– Email CISA to request an e-contract invite.

– Once the request is complete Wellcare/Easy Choice will email you a contracting link.

Step 2

– Complete contracting through the given link.

– Within 24-48 hours, Wellcare/Easy Choice will send you an email to begin the product training and certification process.

Step 3

-Wellcare/Easy Choice will send you a link for Wellcare/Easy Choice university in order for you to complete your certification.

-Complete certification with Wellcare/Easy Choice

– If  you need assistance with the certification contact CISA at cisa@common-insurance.com

-Once certification is completed within 48-72 hours you will receive an email from Wellcare/Easy Choice with your completed certification status along with your Wellcare/Easy Choice agent ID.